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Foaming Technology


  • The cutting-edge technology for generating the ultimate velvet foam

    The foam is generated by mixing air with hot water containing special foaming agent made of substance safe enough to be used in food or cosmetic products through the foam generating unit. The foam which is developed for pure enjoyment of its foaming quality is unlike a bubble bath made for cleansing, with no cleansing components and designed not to stimulate the skin too much, making long dip in the foam possible. The foam is delicate as a hundred to a few hundred microns in diameter and very creamy to the touch compared to the bubble in conventional bubble bath products. The foam serving as the lid in keeping the hot water from cooling off and at the same time avoid the steam to leap through. Such characteristic qualities will enable us to install the tub anywhere offering a new bathing style.

  • How to make velvety foam

    1. Fill the bathtub with hot water and add the specially prepared foaming agent.
    2. Activate the circulation pump to start circulating the hot water dissolving the foaming agent.
    3. While the hot water is circulating, activate the air compressor to inject air.
    4. Run the air-containing hot water through the whipping unit to break up the air. The result is fine.

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